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13 August 2015
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Teach Us To Pray





  1. In Mt 16:13-17, Jesus questioned His disciples concerning His identity...
  2. He asked who others thought He was
  3. He then asked who they thought He was
  4. Peter responded: "You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God."
  5. Jesus commended Peter, stating that his confession of faith was based upon what the

     Father Himself had revealed - Mt 16:17

  1. Jesus then used this opportunity to speak of His church - Mt 16:18-19
  2. He promised to build His church
  3. He mentioned the foundation upon which it would be built
  4. He described the ultimate victory of His church
  5. He spoke of great authority that would be given to the church


  1. This passage naturally raises several questions...
  2. What is this "church" Jesus promised to build?
  3. What is the "foundation" upon which it would be built?
  4. How would "the gates of Hades" not prevail against it?
  5. What "authority" was given by Jesus, and to whom?


[Anyone who believes in Jesus should have a vital interest in the answers to these questions.  So let's begin by noting first of all...]



  2. The original word in Greek, ekklesia, composed of two words: ek, meaning,’’ out from” ,and kalleo, meaning, “I call". The full and simple meaning of church according to the original Greek word is “I call out from”. When Jesus said I will build my church, he was saying “I will call my people out of the world. They will assemble in name, and the gates of hell shall not prevail.
  3. 2. The word ‘ekklessia’ is used in the Bible most often in two senses:
  4. The church "universal" - the whole assembly of people who are saved, both living and dead
  5. The church "local" - a company of saved people in a geographical area who work and worship  

           together as a local congregation

  1. 3. In our text, Jesus is using the word "church" in its universal sense


  2. It is called "the body of Christ" - Ep 1:22-23
  3. It is called "the household of God" - 1Ti 3:15
  4. It is called "the temple of God" - Ep 2:19-22; 1Pe 2:5
  5. It is called "the kingdom of Christ" - Col 1:13; cf. Re 1:9
  6. It is called "the bride of Christ" - 2Co 11:2; cf. Re 19: 6-9; 21:2

      -- Each of these expressions emphasize some blessing or responsibility we have as those who have 

         been called out of the world into this spiritual assembly of God's people.


  2. It is evident that the church was not established at the time Jesus spoke...
  3. He said "I WILL build my church..." - Mt 16:18
  4. b. He told His disciples not to tell anyone that He was the

            Christ (a fact certainly related to the establishment of His church!) - Mt 16:20

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